Digital Manipulation

the FourPlay remix project

Background on the FourPlay remix project
In June 2001, Sydney electric string quartet FourPlay released their long-awaited remix project, a double CD entitled Digital Manipulation. FourPlay are known for their covers of rock and pop music (not to mention all sorts of other eclectic genres). On this album they open up the original tracks from their albums Catgut Ya' Tongue? and The Joy Of... to be remixed by some of Australia's best underground and experimental electronic artists. The project was conceived and convened by Peter Hollo, FourPlay's cellist, as a result of his obsession with electronic music, and his involvement with the Australian underground electronica scene.
The result is breathtaking in its scope, taking in styles from drum'n'bass to electro, ambient techno to ambient glitch.

You may be interested to know that we're already into the second pressing. That's 1000 CDs dispensed within about 3-4 weeks, howzat! Some small blurringnesses have been corrected on the digipak, and the CDs' print has reverted to Scott's original concept, with no cream background. The look EVEN LOVELIER!

The wonderful Tim Ritchie is featuring Digital Manipulation on Sound Quality on Radio National. The playlist can be seen at this location, and the audio was be available in streaming Real Audio from 1am Saturday the 18th, for 4 weeks.
In addition, Danielle Buhagiar interviewed Peter for Wobbly Radio, a very worthy Australian "web radio" kinda place. Go to the site to listen to listen - more samples from the album and discussion of the project.

Follow this link for information on Purchasing Digital Manipulation

You can use this handy tracklisting to make your way to the Artist bios



Alter Boy In Space

Deep Child Gypsy Scream (Roma Skank remix)

Purdy Lilli Pilli Drive (Pastoral mix)

uBin Koush

Liberty Languid More

Raven Lilli Pilli Drive (glitch'n'bass evolution)

Machine Translations August (ambient ping-pong mix)

Sulo August (the boom-ka shaker mix)

Sir Robbo and the Bee Keepers Meshugganah (Chapter 2 Version 1)

Traksewt Lilli Pilli Drive (hoof mix)

5000 Fingers of Dr T August (setting free mix)

Antlerland Corrosion (Kul Teng Kollision mix)

Quark Kent August (December mix)

Voidhand Lilli Pilli Drive (remix)

Mysta Lilli Pilli Drive (Superposition mix)

Tim Koch Meshugganah (Thug mix)

Shannon O'Neill Meshugganah (dub) (dub)

Black Lung August (Black Lung gently shakes the earth)

B(if)tek n2 + 2n + 1 = (n + 1)2 where august = n

Tim Koch Meshugganah (8 Bit Orchestra mix)

Inga & Paul Searles Languid, Yet... (remix)

Pimmon freeformeshugganah

Marxist Real Estate The Joy of Four-track

G-Boy Meshugganah (Chaotic remix)

Darrin Verhagen Ribboned Seam

djbc Meshugganah (no FourPlay 'round here mix)

[Hidden track: Gurnin Spacecase Lilli Pilli Drive (Baby Fur Seal mix)

Bonus! - Download bonus remixes, not on the CD, from our Downloads page!

Big props to the following:

Seb and Luke of Sub Bass Snarl for all the music, and 5 years of Frigid - no club like it anywhere else in the world!
Johnny and Gemma for Club Kooky, 2FO on 2SER and almost a remix!
Kenny and all at Elefant Traks (check out the website, check out the music).
Tom and all @ dumpHuck - be sure to check out the dumpHuck site, which has some of the most smashing Flash content I've ever seen.
Our manager Jordan, Glenn Wright and Oliver Smith @ Red Square & Vitamin Distribution - without whom life wouldn't be possible!
Mum & Dad, and Angela, without whom ditto.

Particularly intense thanks to Scott Otto Anderson, whose jaw-dropping design work on Digital Manipulation (not to mention our other albums and much publicity) is indispensible, and who has worked way beyond the call of duty.

You can also visit the main FourPlay homepage.

Peter Hollo - email