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Digital Manipulation

the FourPlay remix project

Bonus tracks!

Available only from this website, here are two bonus FourPlay remixes that didn't make it onto the album. They are in mp3 format, encoded at 128kbps. Click on the track title to download.


1. Antlerland provided a new Corrosion remix when the project was finally underway. We loved them both, but liked the original one so much that this didn't end up on the final double CD. Now, for your listening pleasure, please download:
FourPlay - Corrosion (Antlerland 2000 remix)

2. Tim Koch provided not one, not two, but THREE remixes of Meshugganah! Although they're all wildly different, we couldn't bring ourselves to do the Tim Koch Trifekta. So now you may experience the eldrich thrill of:
FourPlay - Meshugganah (Tim Koch #2 mix)


If there are burgeoning (or established) electronic artists out there who are dead keen to remix one of FourPlay's tracks, we'd be interested to hear. I'm considering putting up a zip file with various bits from the FourPlay remix-material CD, so that anyone can try their hand at a FourPlay remix. But while we consider the copyright issues involved, you may email us if interested.

You can also visit the main FourPlay homepage.

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