Here is the playlist for Eclecticity on Wednesday the 21st of October 1998.

Track Name Artist (/remixer) Year
Room Number 23 Tube 1997
Oscillations - low membrane mix Bill Laswell (remixed by Scanner) 1997
Grief Ryuichi Sakamoto (remixed by Amon Tobin) 1998
Fast Eddie Amon Tobin 1998
Perfect Drug Nine Inch Nails (remixed by Plug) 1997
Zorak Arcon 2 1998
Dream of Irma Injection Daniel J Beattie 1998
Smash It Fuzz Townsend 1998
Let's See What Carmen Can Do Funki Porcini 1997
Milkman Aphex Twin 1996
Black Commandments 2 Lone Swordsmen 1998
Rumble Fish Multiphonic Ensemble 1997
Viscosity Two Bisk 1997
Probe Audiomontage 1997
Eutow Autechre 1996
Surfaise Michael Fakesch (remixed by Boards of Canada) 1998
Made from Björk Kid Koala 1997
Carpel Tunnel Syndrome Kid Koala & Money Mark 1998
Maybe I'm Dead Money Mark (remixed by The Psychonauts) 1998
Can of Asskicks Mixmaster Mike 1998
Fish Dances Irresistible Force 1998
vox 2.5 Richard Bone 1997
Lifeforms Path 2 Future Sound of London (with Liz Fraser) 1994
One Earth Art of Noise 1987
The Levee Breakbeats Peter Hollo (aka The Raven) 1998
What Time Is Love? KLF (remixed by the Moody Boyz) 1990
3AM Eternal (Guns of Mu Mu) KLF 1989
Porpoise Song The JAMs 1988
The Red, Red Groovy Brilliant 1986
What Time Is Love? (Acid Mix) KLF 1992
What Time Is Love? (Pure Trance Original) KLF 1988
Last Train to Trancentral (Live Lrom the Lost Continent) KLF 1991
Fast Forward the Future (Bucket & Bong Mix) Zodiac Youth 1993
In the Ghetto The Blizzard King 1997
We've Got A Bigger Problem Now The Dead Kennedys 198?

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Peter Hollo