Here is the playlist for Eclecticity on Wednesday the 14th of October 1998.

Track Name Artist (/remixer) Year
Feelin' Groovy DJ Wally 1997
the cheech wizard meets baby ultraman in the cool blue cave 
(short stories about birds, trees and the sports life wherever you are)
Sea and the Cake (remixed by Bundy K Brown) 1997
Reference Resistance Gate Tortoise (remixed by Jim O'Rourke) 1996
3AM Eternal KLF (remixed by the Moody Boyz) 1990
Im Nin 'Alu (Played In Full Remix) Ofra Haza (probably remixed by Coldcut) 1987
Birthday Sugarcubes (remixed by Justin Robertson) 1992
Sunshine & Love Happy Mondays (Lionrock mix No 1) 1992
Hector's House µ-ziq 1994
Aquarius Boards of Canada 1998
Sciew Spoc Gescom 1994
fold4,wrap 5 Autechre 1998
Grated Chicken Jackfear 1998
What I Hate Deserves It trash 1997
Hate Me Animals on Wheels 1997
Rise (Instrumental) Public Image Limited 1986
Vision Incision Lo-Fidelity Allstars (Midfield General shorter mix) 1998
Indian Rope Man Indian Rope Man 1997
Organ Donor (Extended Overhaul) DJ Shadow 1997
Meat, Meat, Meat and Meat Consolidated 1995
No Lines (Dub) High Pass Filter (remixed by Sherrif Lindo) 1998
Big Car (Retread) Severed Heads (remixed by Robert Racic) 1991
Hollow Room The Lab 1992
goddess cindii 1998
Spinout Hypnoblob 1998
15 Levels of Magnification Neotropic (remixed by Arcon 2) 1997
Flutter Autechre 1994
Jailbird Primal Scream (Weatherall Chapter 3 Dub) 1994
Screamadelica Primal Scream 1992
Time for Livin' The Charlatans with the Chemical Brothers 1995
33% God The Beastie Boys with the Dust Brothers 1989
Donde Esta La Pollo (Cock Rock Mix) Headless Chickens 1993?
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Peter Hollo