Here is the playlist for Eclecticity on Wednesday the 11th of November 1998.

This show consisted entirely of remixes, except the last track which Chris wanted to end the run of shows with.

But that was okay, as we were a good ten minutes into the subsequent program, The Microphone Explodes, by then.
Track Name Artist (/remixer) Year
Not Sleeping Around Ned's Atomic Dustbin (nad v ndx = nsa) 1993
Wise Up! Sucker Pop Will Eat Itself (10" mix) 1989
Reptilian Nine Inch Nails (Dave Ogilvie reconstruction) 1994
At the Heart of it All Nine Inch Nails (created by Aphex Twin) 1995
Falling Free Curve (AFX remix) 1993
your head my voice (voix revirement) Saint Etienne (Aphex Twin remix) 1993
Plastic Pulse Stereolab (FeebateMX by Autechre) 1998
Let my fish loose Nobukazu Takemura (Aphex Twin remix) 1996
Fuzzy Freaky (Via Joe) DJ Food vs David Byrne 1998
Mrs Chombee Takes The Plunge The Herbaliser (DJ Food re-bake) 1998
Gambia via Vagator Beach Nightmares on Wax (Scruff remix) 1996
Scratch Yer Head DJ Food (Squarepusher remix) 1996
My Telephone Coldcut ("Redial") 1987
More Beats + Pieces Coldcut (Tortoise remix) 1997
Crusoe Takes a Trip Red Snapper (Tortoise remix) 1996
DJed Tortoise (Bruise Blood mix by UNKLE) 1996
Wassinit for the Cynic? Marxman (Mosh Pit remix) 1994
Tasty Big Ed Fuzz Townshend (Bowser mix) 1998
hooray!! Snog (black lung and the death jungle 2000 mix) 1997
Dread Alert in the Karmadrome Pop Will Eat Itself (remix of Karmadrome) 1992
Mouth Merril Bainbridge (off the track mix) 1995
Gush Forth My Tears Miranda Sex Garden (The First Steppes mix) 1991
pleasant smell 12 Rounds (rethought by trent reznor, keith hillebrandt and clint mansell for the nothing collective) 1998
Alice, What's The Matter? Terrorvision (Kill Your Terrorvision mix by Pop Will Eat Itself) 1994
If I Fell Fuzz Townshend (Instrumental mix) 1997
Corrosion FourPlay (Graham Freeman's KulTeng d'n'b remix) 1998
Skint/Soaked/Audio Forensic High Pass Filter (Mutanté Frequanté confused machines remix) 1998
Oscillations Bill Laswell (Atom Heart digital cut-up mix) 1997
15 Levels of Magnification Neotropic (Arcon 2 remix) 1996
Anon Low (Spore mix by Neotropic) 1998
Like Regular Chickens Amon Tobin (Danny Breaks remix) 1998
Yeah Yeah Brother Black Grape (Outlaw Josie Wales remix by Psycho) 1996
Dirty Great Mable Bubbah's Tum (Boards of Canada remix) 1998
Cruise Control Ween (remix of Skycruiser by Andrew Weiss) 1992
Ask the Dragon Yoko Ono & IMA (Ween remix) 1996
The World's Address They Might Be Giants (Joshua Fried remix) 1988
Paid In Full Erik B & Rakim (Coldcut's 7 Minutes of Madness mix) 1987
Opportunities Pet Shop Boys (Latin Rascals remix) 1986
So Hard Pet Shop Boys (KLF vs the PSB) 1991
Painkiller Depeche Mode (DJ Shadow Kill the Pain mix) 1998
Personal Jesus Depeche Mode (Holier Than Thou Approach) 1989
Temple of Love Sisters of Mercy (Touched by the Hand of Ofra Haza) 1993
Primary The Cure (Red mix by Keith Leblanc) 1990
Infected The The (12" mix) 1986
Ich Bin Ein Auslander Pop Will Eat Itself (Die Krupps mix) 1994
Radio PWEI Pop Will Eat Itself (Acapella mix) 1989
The Ballad of Paul Verlaine 18 Wheeler (Bentley Rhythm Ace BRA mix) 1998
Dysfunctional Relationship Consolidated (12" mix) 1990
E = mc² Big Audio Dynamite (Extended remix from US 12") 1986
Body Movin' Beastie Boys (Fat Boy Slim remix) 1998
Duffed Up Primal Scream (dub version of Get Duffy by Adrian Sherwood) 1997
This is Fascism Consolidated (Bass Mix) 1990
U Don't Dans 2 Tekno Any More Alabama 3 1998

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Peter Hollo