Here is the playlist for Eclecticity on Wednesday the 7th of October 1998.

Track Name Artist (/remixer) Year
Nightlife Amon Tobin 1998
St Christopher's Dream (Mask Mix) Ragga/The Pylon King 1996?
Saturated Love Locust 1995
Madrugada Eterna (Club Mix) KLF 1990?
Demolition Desaster (sic) Panacea 1998
Squeeze the Trigger Alec Empire 1996
The Magnificent The One World Orchestra 1995
massif (stay strong) Squarepusher 1997
Alberto Balsalm Aphex Twin 1995
Breath Dave McKean 1993
Crescent Nobukazu Takemura (remixed by Coldcut & PC) 1996
Mic Check Cornelius 1998
Heaven BS2000 1997
I Was a Teenage B-Boy Mad Doctor X 1997
Autumn Leaves Coldcut (Irresistible Force Mix Trip 2) 1993?
Spiral DJ Food 1995
Get It Together Beastie Boys (Buck Wild remix) 1994
Amoeba Future Sound of London 1995
Amphibious Premonitions Bureau Soma 1998
the ballad (atom heart and the systematic errors) Snog 1998
Babycakes Neil Gaiman (plus Dave McKean) 1995
Sixty-Niner (Alternate Mix) Boards of Canada 1998
Hi Scores Boards of Canada 1996
Stig's In Love Midfield General 1997
Twift Shoeblade Mouse on Mars 1997
Rompatroullie Mouse on Mars 1997
Comtrapunkt Sheridan Side Project 1996
Voodoo Ray A Guy Called Gerald 1988
The Incredible PWEI vs Dirty Harry Pop Will Eat Itself 1990
Last Dance at the Ritz The 5000 Fingers of Dr T 1998
Mutha Lode Witchman 1997
Fat Neck Black Grape (remixed by Goldie) 1996
The Beckoning Arcon 2 1997
Tabukula Beach Resort Amon Tobin 1997
the darg frog Journeyman 1998
Jailbird Primal Scream (remixed by the Chemical Brothers) 1994
This is Fascism Consolidated 199?
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Peter Hollo