Here is the playlist for Eclecticity on Wednesday the 4th of November 1998.

This show consisted almost entirely of tracks exclusive to the particular compilation we took them off, except my track (the first) which is technically exclusively released on that enormous compilation known as the Internet - NB since the show was broadcast, that track was released on Elefant Traks' compilation Food to Eat Music By. And also, I'm aware that a number of the tracks aren't exclusive...
Track Name Artist (/remixer) Year
Snowblind The Raven (Peter Hollo) 1998
A Message From Our Sponsor Jello Biafra & Keith LeBlanc 1989
Extreme Possibilities 2 Player (Wagon Christ mix) 1996
Argos Plug 1997
One Thousand Miles an Hour Stereolab 1995
Spangle Seefeel 1994
Mingus Mundana Argonort 1998
Melody Infringement Amon Tobin 1998
Bodhisattva Vow Beastie Boys (Instrumental Mix) 1996
Mellow Madness A Guy Called Gerald 1996
Cubensis Microstudio 1997
New Territories Kundalini 1998
Sweep Springheel Jack 1996
The Avant-Gardist Doppler 20-20 1996
Imminent Attack Cujo/Psyche 1997
Prader Slicker 1998
Spare Parts Paddington Breaks 1997
In The Mood Dillinja 1996
Flute Loop Beastie Boys (Instrumental Mix) 1996
The Crow DJ Food 1998
Karmacoma Massive Attack (UNKLE Situation Mix Instrumental) 1996
Fake The Aroma Massive Attack (with Brian Eno?) 1995
Deep Shit Pt1 & Pt2 Kruder & Dorfmeister 1995
Necromix DJ Wally 1997
My Bloody Valentine DJ Wally 1996
Soon My Bloody Valentine (Andy Weatherall Mix) 1991
Message to Crommie Planet 4 Fold Quartet (Andy Weatherall & friends) 1995
Spasm Bedouin Ascent (remixing Quant remixing Sarilou) 1997
2"Pi"r Clint Mansell 1998
Def Con One Pop Will Eat Itself (Live) 1991
A Message From Our Sponsor Jello Biafra & Kieth LeBlanc 1989

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Peter Hollo