Eclecticity is (was) a radio show on the wonderful FBi FM, broadcasting on 96.9-FM in Sydney.
It was heard from 11pm-2am on Wednesday nights between October the 7th and November the 11th 1998.

The show was suggested to the FBi team by me, Peter Hollo, shortly before the October-November test broadcast in 1998.
The music featured could be broadly characterised as "IDM" - it's the more experimental and underground end of electronic music, but includes music that is more instrumental hip-hop/drum'n'bass than strictly electronic, and sometimes music that isn't electronic at all but has the same vibe. Mostly the music is either electronically produced or sample-based or some combination. A look at my Music Links is a good guide to the types of music.

My experience in the music industry is through playing cello in the bands FourPlay and Peccadillo mostly. From playing in FourPlay I've also ended up doing session recordings for uncountably many other bands, so I've got a lot of studio experience! And since my record collection is now probably approaching 1,000+ (CDs, LPs, EPs, 12" singles, 7" singles, CD singles) it seems only sensible that I play them publicly to people. At some stage I shall attempt to move on to actual DJ-ing. Separately from FourPlay I have been making electronic music - have a listen to some tracks of mine as well if you're interested.

Sharing in the presenting duties with me during this broadcast is Chris Breach. As you can see from his site, Chris has some years' experience of presenting a radio program (Mute Radio) on North FM as well as being involved in Radio Out There. His radio experience is invaluable and he also contributes some interesting track choices to the shows.

If you want to send us some feedback, you can email Peter Hollo at, and Chris Breach at You can also email both of us as Eclecticity at, but unless Eclecticity is active in one way or another (DJ-ing or as a radio show), don't expect a reply!
FBi can be emailed at

The playlists for each Eclecticity show so far are here:

Peter Hollo