Monday, 28th of July, 2008

Spiegeltent, Brisbane

Back at the Spiegeltent in Brisbane again, for the Brisbane Festival.

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How’s the new album coming along? Please, please tell me it’ll be ready to retail at this concert!
I’ll be there and I’ll rally some troops.

Hey Martin,
I’m afraid the album won’t be anything like ready in time for this gig. It’ll hopefully be launched in October or so, if things go to plan.

is this gig sold out or is it free because of the festival?

Hi all,

I was at the Spiegeltent in Brisbane to see Fourplay for the first time and thought how they warmed me with such great music, a hard thing to achieve for a black heart on a freezing night (for us in Brisvegas it was a really cold night). The whole crowd got into the music, the songs the chords and Lara’s dancing. I bought the first CD (playing in the background now) and am still smiling. I cant give an in depth review with snazzy words etc only to say that I cannot wait for the forthcoming fourth album no 4 from fourplay – I think that is how they described it.

It was definitely too long a wait since I first heard of you from the J’s way back when Enter Sandman was released. Thank you, I will certainly be back and will be bringing friends.


Loved the spiegletent show! Brought four 16 year old boys playing as a High School string quartet along, and they left the show absolutely fired up. This year saw them muck around with some gypsy sounds, but next year will be electric eclectic! Well done Fourplay – your music is intelligent, creative, and inspiring.