Saturday, 5th of January, 2008

Music By The Sea, Sandgate, Brisbane

We were going to play at this event last year, but circumstances made it impossible. So it’s exciting to be able to announce that we’re doing it this year!
Music By The Sea, at Sandgate Town Hall, Brisbane.

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Yay, I only heard about the gig this morning (Saturday) but I am definitely going tonight. I remember checking the Woodford programme for you and being disappointed that you were not going to be there, so I am surprised and happy to see you are doing the Music By The Sea.

It seems a long way to come just to do the one gig. Do you have a manager / gig getter – coordinator? Well, I am going to do my bit now and ring around to let friends know you are on.

Have fun,


P.S. I really like the way your Live Comment Preview: works. I can see HTML working as I type it is way cool.

Loved it! Thanks for coming back to Brisbane. And thanks for playing my requests of Reptilia and Sabotage. It was great!
Tashi (& Zoe & Mitch & Pam & Dave too!)