Friday, 18th of May, 2007

Heritage Hotel, Bulli

Back at the lovely Heritage Hotel in Bulli, always a great gig. If you live anywhere in the Wollongong region, or even south Sydney, it’s recommended.

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Bulli gig isn’t yet on Heritage Hotel website. Need to know the time – too lazy to ring them yet. Saw your spot on Sunday Arts and discovered with delight that you have this nearly local gig on. 7.30pm as for the Riverside Theatre?
Regards Maree

Hm, well my best estimate would be probably more like 8pm, and usually we play two sets. I’ll try and get more information when I can!

gyertek budapestre, a sziget fesztivalra!!!! a magyarok imadni fonak titeket:) dora

(guys, come to budapest, sziget festival. Hungarian festival fans will love you!!)