Tuesday, 12th of September, 2006

Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns

Album launch tour continues at the Tanks Arts Centre, for our first visit to Cairns!
Bookings 07 4031 9555 or www.ticketlink.com.au.

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Why not come to Townsville while in Nth Qld ? There is a bigger population here

Other dates are planned, and Townsville is on the agenda. Keep an eye on these pages for more news!

YAY!!!! I’m making the trip to Cairns to see you guys but it would be much cooler if you came to Townsville, saves the whole driving thing

Unfortunately we can’t give any kind of firm date for Townsville. We’d just like to play there!
So for now, Cairns is going to have to be it! We’ll see you there!

Whoops! Didn’t think it worked the first time, sorry :)

Really enjoyed your show at the Tanks. THANK YOU for making the effort to come to Cairns.
We’re looking forward to seeing you at Woodford.