Saturday, 19th of August, 2006

The Troubadour, Brisbane

Album launch tour continues with two nights at the Troubadour, in Fortitude Valley Brisvegas.

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Just got your MSN message and so came straight to the website to find out when these new Brisbane gigs are… I’ve already got plans
to have dinner with some friends that night, but I’ll definitely be coming along to the Troub afterwards. I assume you guys will be playing

:( i’ll miss the show – still too “Illigitimate” age wise im afraid – i would of wanted to take so many friends to see you – You were my first gig at the spiegal tent and i’ll never forget it!

18 In 2 months – please do come back soon!

p.s. Saw the strokes – were amazing, Reptilia live is a specticle I have to say, but atleast your version doesn’t turn my ears into insurance write-offs! ( I was front row, infront of the PA)