Friday, 30th of June, 2006

Adelaide – Governor, Hindmarsh – ALBUM LAUNCH

The first of our album launch gigs is at The Gov in Hindmarsh. Don’t miss it!

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Love the music. Love the Venue
Was unimpressed that my group of 30+ friends were told by Lara and Gov staff to be quiet. We were not being overly loud or obnoxious.
We were out to support Aust Music and have a good night of friendship and socialising. Had we wanted to sit and listen to the music in
silence we would have stayed at home. VERY DISAPOINTED. Shant be buying the cd. The venue was a pub not the opera house

Damn those Gov staff, wanting people to respect all the people who, you’ll note, cheered when you were asked to be quiet. It’s not the opera house, it’s a music venue, and I guess some people came to listen and not just pay lip service.
Terribly sorry to have offended you. (Wait… YOU’RE the offended one? Huh?)