Monday, 22nd of May, 2006

Sydney – Metro Theatre – ALBUM LAUNCH

Our Sydney album launch promises to be a huge event, at the Metro Theatre. Book early, book often, bring your friends, don’t miss it!
Support from The Circle of Rhythm.


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Awesome! Get experience for me since it was my first hearing the group play :P

Just to say that you guys were phenomenal at the Metro! I was there for Shenzo’s first gig with you (at the Vanguard) where he was notably stiff but nevertheless very talented and in the few basement shows in the meantime and then on Saturday I mean Shenzo still won’t talk but he need not say anything: he has loosened up and is undeniably brilliant!! I love all your studio albums but the new album I think is a step up again – the production, the texture, the musical diversity, all done so convincingly. I would list my favourite tracks but I would end up reeling off most of the album! I also particularly love the direction you’re going in now, with Lara’s beautiful voice, Peter’s inspirational cello work, Shenzo’s improvizational brilliance, Tim’s deep & passionate tone and you’re passion for all types of music: it breathes tolerance for not only Classical Instruments but for the different genres. So yeah guys, keep it up and you’ll have plenty more very proud fans!