Friday, 28th of April, 2006

The Basement, Sydney

So it’s FourPlay, back at the Basement for what is coincidentally our 11th birthday! A year ago we celebrated our 10th birthday at the Basement on the 19th of April. My 1995 diary reminds me, once again, that our first public gig was the UNSW band competition on the 27th of April, 1995, making tonight’s gig one day closer even to the “birthday”.

11 years is a long time. Far more exciting, though, for the fans and for us, is the fact that we have new releases very imminent indeed. Something may well be out by the time of this gig, and the album will be just around the corner. This is not an album launch though! Album launches around the country/planet/solar system/galaxy will be announced with appropriate fanfare. This will just be a great, great gig. Honest!

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hey there mr pete, was hoping i could get a few people together to see you all play tonight at the basement, but alas, it can not be
… all too busy doing other stuff. we’ll all just have to hang out for july at metro (:

hope it goes really well tonight tho … camden festival from the website sounds great … might try that too … next year !
work as u might imagine is *really* fun here today, but pas de ‘bosses’ around so we are free to play un petit peu (yay !) !

btw: ‘the white masai’ was excellent — hope your gf enjoyed it as much as the rest of the female audience (;

c u, sara (: