Wednesday, 15th of March, 2006

Brisbane, Spiegeltent

We’re playing two nights at the Spiegeltent as part of the Brisbane Festival. Not to be missed!

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Hi folks, I’ve just had a look at the Brisbane Festival website. Their program doesn’t list you as playing there on the 24th. What’s the story?

Looking forward to seeing you play once more. Hopefully you’ll be doing after-show album sales again?

Well it looks like they’ve fixed that now. Bonzer.

Argh, I wish these gigs were a week later. I’ll be in Brisbane next Sunday and I first saw you guys in the Spiegeltent in Brisbane last year. :(

Thanks for an awesome show, as always. It was a pity you couldn’t play longer – it seemed to be a relatively short set (though I’m admittedly greedy).

When I heard FourPlay were at the Shhpiegeltent I thought, cool American jazzers. Well I’m an idiot. You guys burn hot. Even the broken string was rock. I’m coming again to the Troub’s. See you soon. Can’t get enough of the new album. Chookas!