Tuesday, 10th of January, 2006

Vitamin Records Turns 5 – Basement

Once upon a time, FourPlay released their first album, to much acclaim and radio airplay, and suddenly had to be distributing it. This task fell to Peter, and for a good couple of years FourPlay was entirely independently distributed.
Then a few years down the line it became too big a task for just us, and so we farmed it out to our management, and eventually Glenn Wright decided to buy the distribution list from FourPlay and form the wonderful distribution company/label Vitamin Records.

To celebrate 5 years of Vitamin, they’re putting on two gigs at the Basement in Sydney. We’re playing at the Thursday gig, along with illustrious Vitamin artists like The Millers Tale, Melanie Oxley & Chris Abrahams, Brendan Gallagher and David Lane. We’ll be on somewhere in the middle there, playing tracks from our new album.

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