Monday, 4th of April, 2005

The Basement, Sydney – 10th birthday gig!

FourPlay’s 10th birthday gig!
Ladies and gentlemen, this should be huge! Cast your eyes back to this entry, and you’ll see that our first official public gig was but two days earlier than 10 years before this very date!

It’s only fitting that we play this landmark gig at the Basement, who were brave enough to let us play our own shows there within one year of forming and winning the UNSW band competition. After taking the Byron Bay Music & Arts Festival by storm, we bugged the Basement to let us play there, and brought a new wave of young punters in for our shows, which quickly became regular occurrences. We’ll play two packed sets tonight, with a large amount of new material that we’ve been roadtesting in the last two months, and we’ll hopefully revisit some long-lost tracks from our past as well.
If you love freedom, justice, or just us (haha), if you’ll only make it to one FourPlay gig this week/month/year (don’t you dare) then this has got to be the one!

Support from the inimintable Mal Webb (direct from Melbourne!), tune selection throughout the evening by Sir Robbo.

After this, we’ll be heading into the studio during May to record all our new stuff for a new album and singles to be released later this year.

Basement: 29 Reiby Place, Circular Quay. (02) 9251 2797

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Thank you Peter, so good to see you play again. Best night out i’ve had in a looooong time. :-)

I second that. But then I would – seeing a certain Suede song live was the highlight for me! ;o)

My mates said the same sort of thing though, so it wasn’t just me.

And I went and bought 2/3 CDs for my friend as a thanks for letting me stay with him – so much
business all round really!


PS it’s your turn to write… *g*