Wednesday, 19th of January, 2005

Adelaide Festival Centre

A long-awaited Adelaide show, as part of the Adelaide Festival Centre’s Summer Concert Series. Info here – two shows, 4pm and 8pm.

King William Rd, Adelaide. Book via the link or ring Bass on 13 12 46.

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loved it! i’m very happy now, very happy and inspired. i think it’s because i went to the big day out yesterday aswell as this show tonight. it’s like sensory and imagination overload. ;) a quick review of your show yeah? it was amazing and better than i expected. simply mind-blowing. i’ve always appreciated this form of music, but now i appreciate it alot more. i will never look at those string instruments the same again, and thanks for that. the shadow puppet thing was a great bonus. it was very funny and a good mellow way to end the night. so no problems, but if i had to find a problem, it would be that you played no metallica or beastie boys’ songs. i guess you played them at the day show. it’s all good, i’m glad you played mostly YOUR songs. i’m always looking for more ORIGINAL songs to listen to. and what can i say about your songs, one thing i can say is that i’ll be first in line to get the new cd! my faves were evolve or decay and from now to the future (i hope i got the song name right). i’ll see you guys next time you’re here, count on it! hope the new guy is loving it, because it looks like he is. oh yeah, and lara, you’re an amazing singer and a sweet lyricist. keep up the good work guys, we need more good art out there. take it easy.

Thanks heaps for the review and all, Dwayne :)
The new songs you mentioned are “Evolve or Decay” (a true-blue indie-rockin’ pop gem from Lara, easily matching her earlier fan-fave “Trust”, both of which should be singles for the new album), and “Now to the Future”, which we finished earlier last week, just in time for the Thursday gig!
Also finished just in time was our new cover of the Strokes’ “Reptilia”, full-on rock and we’re lovin’ it (although my shoulder aches).

no worries mate. that’s great that you learnt those songs before the gig. i loved everything you guys played, so i think you did a great job for not knowing the songs very well. i can’t wait for your new album! i will buy the rest some day, i would get them now, but i don’t have enough money. have got to do alot of repairs on the house etc. keep up the good work. oh, just one thing, have you heard of the band tool? they’re pretty much a progressive rock band (i don’t know if they can fall into one category). they are my favourite band and i think you guys should check them out. my favourite song of theirs is lateralus. it would be excellent if you guys did your own version of this song, and it would be amazing if i got to experience it live. i don’t want to make you guys more busy than you need to, but yeah, it’s just an idea for something to do in the future.

Hey Dwayne,
You’re actually not the first person to suggest covering Tool, and while we’re not fans as such, I’ve liked everything I’ve heard, so it’s not a bad idea! Will look into it…

awesome. you could try that song the grudge, it has a 25 second scream in it. ;) h would be a very appropriate song for your instruments i think. um, here’s other recommendations:
4 degrees
prison sex
my third eye
the patient

Sorry to be digging graves here, but I’ve been listening to your music quite a bit more lately.
It’s amazing how well you arrange things for strings and the musical people like me notice a lot of your little musical quotes (DSCH!!!).
Anyway, when’s the next time you’re hitting Adelaide! I could get my whole school (Marryatvile High School) to come and see you!
Maybe you could look into doing a little workshop with us as well while you’re here! After all, we are a special interest music school!
;) Keep up the amazing work and showing the numorous people how well the ever-so underestimated viola can sound!