Sunday, 9th of January, 2005

New photo

Just a quickie – one live shot of FourPlay at Woodford just added to the picture page. Go check.
I’m not sure it’s really of wallpaper quality. They’ll come, but if you want this image at 1400×1050 or 1600×1200, I can do. Just post a comment to that effect :)

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Ooh! Ooh! I think I see me!

Just dropped by to see if you guys were coming back to Qld any time soon, and what do you know… you are!

Well, sort of – April is not really soon, but is still better than never.

Peter – ’twas a pleasure to meet you (via Megan) up at Woodford. I’m still gunning for you guys to start playing “The Two of Us” live
again. See if you hadn’t been nice and said it was a possibility, I would have given up by now… *g*

I’ve signed up for the mailing list anyway, so I’ll stay up to date with the news.