Friday, 10th of December, 2004

New FourPlay website!

Welcome to the new-look FourPlay website! You already know this phenomenal news because you’re looking at it, but there you go… Hopefully some of the other news items posted here will be of more interest!

For what it’s worth, as of today the website is good enough to be up, but not quite complete yet – so you’ll find some pages say “Coming soon”. Don’t worry – they will be there soon :)

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Look – you can comment on entries! What fun!

Pretty cool new website – liked the pictures and the way you can enlarge them, also the click for biog!
Any Basement gigs coming at all?

Bloody hell! I’ve been looking at your website almost weekly to find out about any gigs in Sydney and any potential (and way overdue) CD
re;ease and you go and relaunch the site!
When are you releasing the new album and when are you playing Sydney again?

Hiya Sam, Hi Dad :)
Well um… There’s the new-old CD, which is our re-recordings of old stuff for release o/s. That’ll come out shortly in advance of a new album, which will be preceded by a single or two – we think. The writing is coming along at a galloping rate, with most of an album written already, and the recording will happen from mid-late April. So we should be releasing something new by June, and a (really) new album round the middle of the year.

More info will definitely be posted here as news and/or events, and you really should join our mailing list if you want to be kept up-to-date!

Next Sydney show: info coming soon – not sure yet. January at a pinch, Feb for sure.

See my comment on another page.