Thursday, 27th of April, 1995

UNSW Band Competition, first heat

I pulled out a dusty old box and found my old diaries in there, all the way back to 1994. Hopefully well-hidden away from prying eyes, but anyway, there in 1995 was the entry:

String quartet playing in the UNSW Band Comp (as FourPlay)

…and scrawled next to it: WE WON!

We continued to win the other heats and by rights win the NSW heat as well. It was stolen from us by some dodgy back-room dealing, but by then we’d played in public @ the Metro supporting Max Sharam and were well on the way to notoriety.
This, however, was our first gig as an electric string quartet, at the UNSW Uni Bar. Punters moshing to Metallica, yelling and screaming, quite something!

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